About Us

The seed for the site was sown over a cup of tea when a chance meeting with one of the artists lead to the discussion on the limited opportunities faced by artists in exhibiting their artwork. Also the costs involved in the traveling, logistics, transportation of the artwork which has been a challenge to many artists who are simply unable to participate in any exhibitions and their artwork does not see the light of the day. Further the touching point was that there are many artists who have spent their entire life for art and now are living in very difficult conditions and are unable to meet their daily survival needs so we decided to do something for them as a our Corporate Social Responsibility. 
This gave fuel for the development of our site and bringing the artists under one umbrella and give them an exposure and as our CSR activity we have pledged a percentage of the business profits for the welfare of the old artists association in Mumbai. 
The site is maintained and curated by a group of artists for whom the art is in their blood and our curators will bring you art from various genres giving you an opportunity in bringing the best of the artworks at your finger tip.